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Medical-Grade Skincare

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Have you been trying to find a skincare routine that will effectively treat and prevent acne, skin texture problems, and hyperpigmentation? At Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa in Encinitas, we provide medical-grade skincare services to meet all of your skin’s demands.

What Is Medical-Grade Skincare?

One of the greatest skin treatments on the market is medical-grade skin care. These treatments provide patients precisely what their skin needs while increasing or maintaining the results of earlier procedures and surgeries. For the best results, patients can use this skin care line alone or in conjunction with other treatments.

Our Medical-Grade Skincare Options:

Elta MD

For all skin types and procedures, Elta MD sunscreen offers a wide range of lightweight, broad spectrum UV protection solutions.

One of the primary reasons we suggest Elta MD’s sunscreen is because of the Z-Cote. This substance shields the skin from UVA and UVB rays without causing any harm, and since it is a clear zinc oxide, there is no noticeable pasty white residue to deal with as there is with many other sunscreens that include zinc oxide. Additionally, Elta sunscreen is suitable for all skin types. Elta MD provides sunscreens that are effective for all skin types without clogging pores or irritating sensitive or oily skin.


Alastin Skincare can provide successful topical solutions for all skin types thanks to their science-based research and decades of expertise developing special formulae to encourage skin rejuvenation.

The distinctive formulations of Alastin Skincare provide a variety of advantages, such as increased skin elasticity, more hydrated skin, smoother skin texture, softer fine lines and wrinkles, protection of the skin barrier that has been damaged, ongoing skin renewal, and an improved skin barrier to prevent further skin damage.


SkinCeuticals is a cutting-edge cosmeceutical skin care brand that mixes components of aesthetic skin care with features of medical and prescription skin care. The goal of SkinCeuticals is to provide cutting-edge skincare products that are supported by science.

This treatment can boost the skin’s regeneration and development cycle as well as get rid of the aging and oxidation indications.

woman after laser skin resurfacing in Encinitas


The Obagi medical product line helps minimize visible symptoms of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, melasma or dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, laxity, and uneven texture.


Senté skincare solutions are potent multi-tasking anti-aging items that have been scientifically shown to provide outstanding benefits while being gentle on even the most delicate skin. Senté skincare is a premium restorative skin care line that targets the underlying causes of inflammation using proprietary HSA technology. Senté provides a range of solutions that firm and tighten the skin while enhancing its natural defenses.


Age-related changes in collagen synthesis, skin thinning, and skin elasticity result in face drooping, fine lines, and wrinkles. Products from SkinMedica are carefully developed and professionally proven to help skin regenerate and restore its young look.

Find Out Which Medical-Grade Skincare Treatment Is Right For You In Encinitas

During your consultation at our clinic one of our medical estheticians will develop a customized regimen specifically based on your needs by selecting from a wide range of skincare products depending on your skin type and issues. To get started, call our team today or fill out a contact form on our website!

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