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Med Spa in Encinitas, CA

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At Aesthetically Pleasing Med Spa in Encinitas we offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic services and treatments to resurface and revitalize aged skin while boosting your body’s own natural regeneration abilities. Our goal is to provide only the gold-standard treatments that are available to our patients to ensure we can make their skin and body feel as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

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About Aesthetically
Pleasing Medical Spa

Discover the subtle art of improving your appearance at a luxurious and private clinic in Encinitas, where all of your individual desires related to cosmetic enhancement may come to life.

In Encinitas, at the Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, we provide the most innovative anti-aging and cosmetic technology and treatments that are currently on the market. Our reputation precedes us, and the fact that our medical spa is owned and maintained by women says volumes about the quality and dedication of our services. Every single one of our clients believes that our med spa in Encinitas, California, is the best place to get complete rejuvenation of the skin and body.

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At Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa we offer personalized injectable therapy that may help you get the cosmetic results you’ve been looking for.

The science behind injectables has made significant strides forward, and as a result, there are now more alternatives available to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, add fullness and definition to lips, and provide the appearance of a face that is more refreshed, more youthful, and radiant.

No matter what areas of concern you may have, our skilled and experienced medical team can effectively and swiftly accomplish your cosmetic objectives in a way that is both attractive and effective. Some of the injectable treatments we offer at Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa include BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, liquid facelifts, and more.

Rejuvenate your facial features.

Customized Treatments

Your individualized treatment is aimed at restoring, rejuvenating, and enhancing the beauty that is already there in you. Our objective is to enhance the look of your face, neck, and body by correcting skin texture issues and creating a more vibrant and young appearance overall.

Our med spa in Encinitas provides the most recent generation of treatments and technology in order to rejuvenate, revive, sculpt, and repair the face and body. The appearance of undesirable fat deposits, cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles, or skin that has aged excessively may be greatly reduced with the assistance of our competent and expert medical team. It’s time to imagine yourself in a new light thanks to the help of our treatments and services!

Our patient first philosophy.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa

Amazing follow up and experience! I've been to several good meds spas but always walked away bruised and swollen for days. Not this time. Stacey spent a great deal of time with me to understand my concerns and the understated look I desired. She was masterful in welcoming me and making sure my needs were met. I'm a lifer, love these ladies!

- Kimberly M., Real Patient Review

Facial Rejuvenation

Your skin may have a new beginning with the assistance of our lasers, PDO thread lifts and skin resurfacing treatments. Facial rejuvenation treatments can be the right choice for you if you have sun damage on your face, facial blood vessels that are enlarged and apparent, rosacea, flushed skin, hyperpigmentation, or any other facial flaws or blemishes. These treatments can also provide patients with improvements to the smoothness, texture, and tone of the skin and may have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your natural beauty.

Take years off your look.

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IV Therapy &
Vitamin Injections

IV therapy emphasizes internal healing and improvement, energizing your system from the inside out through rejuvenating antioxidants and vitamins. While most patients consider cosmetic treatments as being directed toward the outside of the body, IV therapy is more concerned with the inside of the body. Our med spa in Encinitas offers IV treatment as a flexible modality that enables simultaneous accomplishment of a number of therapeutic objectives. These include strengthening your immune system, restoring your stamina, revitalizing your complexion, hydrating your body, preparing your body for an upcoming treatment, and mending your body after it has had surgery. IV treatment may be far more potent and beneficial than just ingesting vitamins in pill form due to the nutrients’ ability to reach the circulation directly.

Look and feel revitalized.

Melissa O.

Krystina is such a game changer! She is one of the first providers I have been to that has cared about what I'm looking to achieve and listened to my goals vs how much I'm willing to pay. She's a true artist...

Cynthia R.

I was looking for a new spot for Botox and am not a new user. I'd been going to a chain for several years and felt like my injections didn't stick. After a treatment that totally made me look like I think I do (not mad with mean lips), I'm pleased to say it's long lasting.

Colleen M.

Krystina is amazing! She explained the whole process of Botox injections and made me feel very comfortable. I'm so happy with the results! Thank you Kystina!

Annika W.

I wouldn't trust anyone else but Stacy with my face. She is incredibly knowledgeable, diligent, and professional. I couldn't recommend her or the staff at AP Med Spa more.

Halasi S.

Great experience and lovely people! Krystina did a wonderful job! Highly recommend.

Julia G.

Love Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa, always a great experience. Learned some great skincare advice for melasma that I tried the same day and already saw a difference...

Lisa C.

I called around looking for Botox around the area. Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa was very transparent and friendly in answering my questions. I was scheduled quickly. When I showed up for the appointment, I was in and out within 15 min...

Tanya M.

This place is fantastic! Didn't try to oversell, or push anything on me. Respected my choice and worked with me to achieve what I wanted and I'm thrilled with my results. Will definitely be going back!

Cynthia H.

Stacy is the best! You cannot go wrong with Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa! It is very clean and has plenty of parking. The front desk staff is helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable...

Jennifer F.

AP med spa is THE PLACE - wonderful staff, helpful and know everything about the product. Service with a smile.

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