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CO2 Fraxel Laser

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We all strive for younger-looking skin and thankfully with the help of our CO2 Fraxel Laser at Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa in Encinitas we are finally able to provide our patients with smoother, younger-looking skin in a quick and effective treatment.

What Is The CO2 Fraxel Laser?

The CO2 Fraxel Laser also known as the fractional laser provides remarkable non-surgical skin rejuvenation outcomes. The CO2 laser uses cutting-edge laser technology to remove the topmost layers of damaged skin, exposing softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin below.

People choose fractional CO2 laser therapy because it is rightfully regarded as a top anti-aging advancement and successfully combats fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, dark spots, acne scars, and uneven skin tones brought on by uneven pigmentation.

How Does CO2 Fraxel Laser Work?

The CO2 Fraxel Laser works in a very complex manner to treat different skin concerns. Through the epidermis and into the dermis, fractional CO2 laser treatments provide tiny columns of laser energy, which heat up and encourage the production of new collagen and elastin. Post-procedure, this growth shows up as noticeable, tightening skin benefits. The light from the laser also helps to fade brown spots and other abnormalities while minimizing lines, wrinkles, and scars.

With hundreds of tiny microscopic laser heating channels, fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing only impacts a small portion of your skin. Untreated regions develop into tiny bridges, which hasten the healing process. Because of this, the recovery from using this cutting-edge method is far better than using conventional CO2 treatments.

Is The CO2 Fraxel Laser Procedure Right For Me?

You are probably a suitable candidate for CO2 fractional laser treatment if you are in generally excellent health and are worried about the look of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, or pigment abnormalities.

That said, women who are expecting, those on prescriptions that make them more photosensitive, those receiving chemotherapy, and people with bleeding or scarring issues shouldn’t have CO2 laser therapy. In order to guarantee your eligibility, we will carefully analyze your medical history during your appointment to ensure this is the best treatment for you.

Benefits Of CO2 Fraxel Laser

The following are some of the advantages that our cutting-edge CO2 fractional laser offers for treating common skin issues:

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines,
  • Minimizes and address solar damage,
  • Reduces size of pores,
  • Improves the skin’s texture,
  • Improves skin firmness,
  • Eliminates aging spots and dark spots,
  • Eases acne scarring,
  • Minimizes scars and stretch marks.

How Long Will The Results Last?

Depending on how effectively you preserve your skin from external variables like smoking and sun damage, your fractional CO2 laser treatment will last based on your specific characteristics. Natural variables including age, general health, and weight fluctuations can have an impact on the longevity of the results. However, if everything goes as planned, you may often anticipate excellent outcomes for many years after your treatment.

Find Out If CO2 Fraxel Laser Treatments Are Right For You At Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa In Encinitas

If you suffer from common skin conditions and are wanting to promote a smooth and clear complexion, the CO2 Fraxel Laser might be just what you’re looking for. To learn more, contact our experts by giving us a call or filling out a form and we will get you started on your very own treatment!

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