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When it comes to promoting remarkable anti-aging benefits by stimulating collagen in the skin, IPL Photofacial is the gold-standard procedure. All of our guests seeking a skin refresh from the inside out may get these treatments at Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa in Encinitas.

What Is IPL Photofacial?

Intense pulsed light also known as IPL is a kind of phototherapy for your skin that uses focused light pulses to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, which reduces redness, spider veins, dark spots, and big pores. Your skin as a result of your IPL in Encinitas changes with time, looking firmer, softer, and more youthful.

woman during IPL in Encinitas

How Does IPL Photofacial Work?

At our Encinitas clinic we utilize the Lumenis M22 device which is a high intensity light wave utilized in the IPL photorejuvenation procedure to lessen or eradicate several typical signs of aging, such as face wrinkles and skin discolorations. Collagen, a natural protein that fills in creases and makes the skin smooth and supple, is also stimulated by IPL light.

The effects of IPL photorejuvenation are stronger with each subsequent session. For best results, five full-face IPL photofacial treatments spaced four weeks apart are often needed.

Benefits Of IPL Photofacial Treatments

  • Treat the effects of photoaging,
  • Treat sun damage and freckles brought on by the sun,
  • Treat age spots and lines,
  • Reduce colour of the skin including red or brown spots,
  • Treat and reduce acne scarring,
  • Reduce spider veins and rosacea,
  • Treat pigmented and vascular lesions,
  • Treat birthmarks,
  • Reduce or prevent wrinkles,
  • Reduce larger pore size.

How Does Our Specialized Laser Therapy Lumenis Stellar M22 Work?

The multipurpose aesthetic laser device, Lumenis Stellar M22, can cure a variety of skin disorders. Each of the two laser procedures offered by the Lumenis M22 is intended to help you attain gorgeous, perfect skin.

Lumenis M22 Laser is intended to revitalize the skin, regenerate it, and lessen worries about pigmentation for a longer period of time.

What To Anticipate During IPL Photofacials?

The vast majority of patients tolerate IPL in Encinitas treatment quite well, reporting minimal pain or discomfort, and the length of a single session typically ranges from thirty to ninety minutes. Generally speaking, it is characterized as feeling somewhat unpleasant and having a snapping sensation on the skin.

woman during IPL in Encinitas

What To Expect After Your IPL Photofacial?

The skin will first seem as if it has sunburned after your IPL photofacial. The majority of patients are able to go back to work or resume their regular activities right away, however you can possibly feel some slight swelling.

The redness will often go away over the course of the next 24 hours, and you could even notice that sun spots and discolored regions seem to have become darker. This is typical and shows that your treatment is having an effect on the skin. This will reduce in colour a few days after the treatment and you can expect your true results to shine through.

Find Out How Our IPL Photofacials Can Help You In Encinitas

IPL Photofacial treatments aim to revive the skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and even UV damage. If you’re someone looking to treat any of these concerns then the IPL in Encinitas is for you. Contact our clinic by phone or fill out a form to get started!

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