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Eyelash Lift

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For those who are looking for a low-maintenance eyelash look, Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa in Encinitas offers a professional eyelash lift service that will save you a ton of time and give your lashes a new, gorgeous appearance.

What Is A Eyelash Lift?

Using a perming solution that helps to lift your lashes from the root, one of our professionals will improve the curve of your natural eyelashes. The completed result removes the need for false eyelashes, produces an open, engaging appearance, and is convenient for people who are looking for an on-the-go look.

Benefits Of An Eyelash Lift

  • Provides a natural lifting effect to the face
  • Makes your eyelashes look longer
  • Lasts the natural life cycle of your natural eyelashes
  • No harm to your existing lashes
  • Gives the appearance of longer, fuller and thicker eyelashes
  • Quick service with no downtime

How Does An Eyelash Lift Work?

The eyelash lift procedure is fairly straightforward and simple. Your natural lash is bent over a curved silicone pad during an eyelash lift while a perming solution is being administered. Depending on the required level of lift and the length of your natural lashes, silicone pads come in a variety of sizes.

The silicone pads’ curvature gives the eyelashes a beautiful lift from the root to the tip. You have the option to apply an eyelash color to further improve the lash line once the lashes have been raised.

Eyelash Lift After Care

For the first 24 hours following the treatment, avoid getting your eyelashes wet. After the treatment, wait 24 hours before using any mascara. You may apply standard mascara after the first 24 hours. Avoiding waterproof mascara entirely after the therapy is a smart suggestion that can also prolong your results due to the fact that the waterproof mascara’s ingredients degrade the lash lift and dry out the lashes.

How Long Does A Eyelash Lift Last For?

Generally speaking, a lash lift will last six to eight weeks, depending on the development cycle of your eyelashes. An average lash development cycle lasts six to eight weeks.

That said, each person is different and the lashes will last according to how you care for them after your service.

Book Your Eyelash Lift At Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa In Encinitas

Are you ready to enhance the look of your eyelashes? At the Aesthetically Pleasing Medical Spa in Encinitas, we only use supplies of the highest possible quality, and we never settle for anything less than absolute perfection in any of the work that we do. Call our clinic or fill out the contact form on our website to schedule your appointment for an eyelash lift today!

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